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Treating babies and children with homeopathic medicines.


Homeopathy is a 210 year-old, low risk and extremely gentle form of traditional medication treatment for babies and children. It has the added benefit of being capable of addressing both physical ailments and emotional and mental states.


Establishing a happy, healthy early childhood can make your parenting experience considerably more relaxed and rewarding.


When babies and children won't settle at night due to physical issues like colic or emotional issues like separation anxiety, homeopathic medicines can provide fast and soothing relief to both child and parent. Behaviour challenges like the typical terrible two's, tantrums, jealousy of another sibling, arguing, fighting, destructive tendencies or restlessness are ideal candidates for homeopathic regimes.


An added bonus is that the medicines actually are tasteless, so children rarely complain about taking them. Conditions that have traditionally been associated with childhood infection can also be gently managed with homeopathic medicines.


Little Tots Natural Wellness Essentials Range is designed for the most common ailments experienced by infants and children.


Priced at $120.00, the Little Tots Box Set is great value, and makes a wonderful gift for a new mum or mother-to-be in the sturdy yet very attractive baby box. It consists of 10 combination homeopathic medicines in sucrose pillule form or liquid form (with more than a decade long shelf life if kept in a storage area below 25 degrees C), along with Organic Arnica Bumps and Bruises Cream plus Organic All Purpose Calendula Cream.


Medicines can be purchased as single Oral Sprays for easier, faster and accurate dispensing, lessening the possibility of contamination.


The two creams have a two-year shelf life and the oral spray medicines have a shelf life of 5 years.

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*PostagePrices of products does not include postage and handling. Express Postage cost of $14.20 includes registered post within Australia in order to track your parcel to ensure it reaches you safely. Postage cost is the same whether you purchase 1 medicine or 4. Thus you save when you purchase more than one product.

International postage is calculated according to the country of residence.