Constipation Relief Oral Spray
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Homeopathic Constipation Relief - 30mL

Use for relief of constipation and colicky tummy pain.


Symptoms may include large, dry, hard or crumbly


stools, difficulty in passing stool, raw, red anus,


incomplete bowel movements after straining, gurgling,


rumbling and wind that passes upwards and downwards.


Constipation Relief


How to Use

Shake the bottle, then 3 sprays under tongue


every 10 minutes for 4 times,


thereafter hourly until symptoms are relieved.


Re-dose only as needed (no more than 8 times per day).


Ensure diet is balanced, eating 4-6 serves of


fruit and vegetables daily.


Consult your healthcare practitioner if symptoms




Contains homeopathics (in a water-ethanol solution)

Lycopodium 30C, Nux Vomica 30C, Bryonia 30C.