Headache Relief Oral Spray
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Homeopathic Medicine for Headache

Headache Relief Oral Spray - 30mL

Use for relief of head pain from tension and stress, sun,


cold, and flu, dehydration or fatigue.


Headache Relief    


How to Use  

Shake the bottle, then 3 - 4 sprays under tongue every 15 minutes for up


to 4 doses. Repeat after 1 -2 hours only if needed.



If no improvement after this, stop taking the remedy and consult your


healthcare practitioner.



Contains homeopathics (in a water-ethanol solution):

Gelsemium 6X, Gelsemium 30C, Cedron-Simaruba

Ferroginea 6X, Spigelia 6X, Verbascum Densiflorum 6X.