Pin Worm Relief
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Homeopathic Pin Worm Relief Oral Spray - 30 mL

Use for relief of symptoms of intestinal pin


worms where there is anal itching, rubbing of


nose, pain, rash or irritation around anus,


restless sleep due to itching & discomfort.


Pin Worm Relief


How to Use


Shake bottle, then 5 sprays under tongue daily


until noticeable improvement of symptoms.


Re-dose only as needed.


If no improvement after 10 days, stop and


consult your healthcare practitioner.


Contains homeopathic (in a water-ethanol solution):

Cina 6X, Teucrium Marum 30C, Sabadilla 30C,


Natrium Phophate 30C, Calc Carb 30C, Spigelia 30C