Frequently Asked Questions


Can Natural Aid remedies be taken with conventional medicine?

Yes, in fact Natural Aid medicines can complement conventional medicines. Since our active ingredients are very low dosages, it is not likely that it will intervene with any other form of medication.


How often should I take the natural medicines for?

Natural Aid Medicines should be taken only whilst symptoms are present. Once the symptoms have subsided, then you can reduce the dosage and/or stop it.


How quickly do Natural Aid medicines work?

The use of the Natural Aid products depends on the condition of the person. For instance, when a child is given Calming Spray they can get results within minutes, whereas in the case of someone suffering from a chesty cough for a few days, the medicine may take several days for all the symptoms to subside.


Can I use more than one Natural Aid Medicine at a time?

Yes you can as long as there is an hour difference between the two different Natural Medicines.


Can breastfeeding mothers use Natural Aid medicines and will it harm the baby?

There has been no evidence of breast-feeding mothers or babies being harmed by using homeopathic medicine; in fact some practitioners will advise the mother to take the remedy for their child whilst breastfeeding as the child will receive the effects of the natural medicines via the breast milk.


Are there any diary or wheat products in the Natural Aid Medicines?

There are no diary or wheat ingredients used in any of our medicines.


Do any of the products contain gluten?

There is no gluten in any of the Natural Aid products.


What’s the best way to use Natural Aid Medicines?

In acute cases, it is necessary to repeat the medicine more often. Oral sprays should be sprayed under the tongue or directly onto the tongue, whereas pillules should be placed under the tongue and held for 30 seconds.

Store natural medicines in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight or heat and away from strong smelling perfumes and household chemicals.


What to do if there is no effect with the Natural Aid Product?

Remember that Natural Aid products are specially formulated for acute conditions only. If there is no effect at all, then you should contact us to discuss your symptoms, as you will likely need constitutional treatment. We may advise you to make an appointment for a consultation with one of our qualified homoeopathic practitioners where a thorough case taking of all of your symptoms will be taken in order to give you a specific remedy suited for your ailment.


Does Natural Aid deliver Internationally?

Yes, we do. Natural Aid Products are already being promoted with agents in Beijing, China. However some countries have specific regulations and import duties with taxes levied when the products arrive in your country, therefore it is important for you to contact your local Customs office for further information.


Some say Homeopathy is faith healing?

Homeopathy is NOT faith healing. Homeopathy has been clinically shown to be extremely effective (when used according to homeopathic principles)for those who do not believe in it, and babies, domestic and wild animals respond to homeopathy, proving homeopathy is more than a placebo effect.

For example, in cases of hepatitis C where homeopathic medicine has effected a drastic reduction in viral load is very hard to achieve with faith healing Refer to:


Is Homeopathy against modern medicine and surgery?

We all know antibiotic resistance is of real concern today. Homeopathy is one of the many disciplines that can play a major role in lessening the unnecessary use of antibiotics.

Surgery is sometimes a necessary method of treating diseases and we believe that surgery has its place. Homeopathy is a therapeutic method of treating conditions and one that we advocate using to complement conventional medicines before and after surgery.