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We encourage you to book a consultation with Jennifer in South Australia or Victoria in Sydney for any health ailments, whether of an acute or  more chronic nature.

We successfully treat conditions arising from physical, mental or emotional issues like anxiety, stress, grief as well as ailments like UTI's, peri menopausal and menopausal symptoms, all types of skin conditions and physical ailments like back pain, sciatica, torn ligaments and so on.

If you are unsure if homeopathy can help with your health condition, please email or call us. We will get back to you promptly.

Many people are sick with Chronic Fatigue syndrome or have symptoms that could be the result of high levels of Mercury, Lead, Aluminium, Cadmium or Copper. We are now able to test for Toxicity levels and mineral levels using a state of the art machine from Europe that gives you a scaled reading in a matter of minutes.

Our product range is designed to treat acute conditions; that is, conditions that have a limited life – they come and go. However, there are times that your condition may require constitutional treatment for conditions that have been on-going for some time.

As homeopathic practitioners, we do not treat the disease, we treat the person as a whole; therefore it is important for us to assess the mental, physical and emotional connectedness to determine the root cause of the presenting symptoms. 

Your first consultation may take 60 - 90 minutes if dealing with more complicated health issues, and about 20 -30 minutes if dealing with an acute case. We need to understand who you are, your past medical history, your present complaints and how you experience them as well as your diet and lifestyle.

You will then be prescribed a remedy to take according to specific instructions. We encourage clients to contact us immediately should they have any concerns.

First Consultation - 60 to 90 minutes
$110.00 + 1 -2 Homeopathic medicines

Follow up Consultation - 30 to 45 minutes
$65 .00 + Homeopathic medicine

Specifically Formulated Homeopathic Medicine for Acute Conditions - 20 minute consultation
$30.00 + Homeopathic medicine

Community Support

Natural Aid supports sporting club’s fundraising committees where we donate a percentage back to the clubs when they purchase our combo Sports Injury Relief Spray and Sports Injury Cream duo that has been specially  formulated for all  types of sporting injuries.


As Directors of Natural Aid, our aim is to provide an educational resource to consumers and clients through conducting regular wellness seminars about homeopathy and our products to Pre-school parents, Sporting Clubs, Wellness Centres, Parenting groups and other interested parties in city and country venues.

Pre-Pregnancy Enhancement Program


Infertility is a common problem today, and there are numerous factors that impact upon one’s ability to conceive.

If you and your partner are feeling anxious, emotional and frustrated at having no luck conceiving, make an appointment to see Jenny and prepare your body through our tried and proven PRE- PREGNANCY ENHANCEMENT PROGRAM designed to prepare your body for pregnancy.

The program has had a very high success rate in recent years. Read a brief overview of our pregnancy enhancement program and call Jenny if you would like to discuss how we can assist you > view program overview

Specialised Formulated Medicines

Natural Aid provides a unique service in that we formulate remedies to suit particular health related conditions common to specific health clinics. For instance, patients who are undergoing plastic surgery may experience pre-surgery nerves and need a natural relaxant.

For post surgery bruising, Natural Aid can provide products such as Arnica Cream, Calendula Cream and Deep Tissue Injury Cream along with other specific remedies that have powerful healing properties to assist with post surgery tissue repair.

Natural Aid can also provide specialised kits specific for particular situations. For instance, we can provide sporting clubs with specific remedies in a kit form for common ailments and injuries that arise during practices and matches.

Natural Aid’s capacity to provide such a service for health clinics and organisations is virtually unlimited.

Undergoing Radiotherapy?

Receive 10% discount on the Natural Aid All Purpose Calendula Cream > view discount flyer

Natural Aid's All Purpose Calendula Cream has rated highly with patients undergoing radiotherapy. The cream has an organic base, contains no nasties and is light and readily absorbed.

Its rapid action reduces redness and soreness and heals the damaged skin quickly.  With its delicate fruity fragrance, it is ideal for those whose olfactory senses cannot tolerate strong smelling creams.

Calendula contains antimicrobial and skin repairing compounds.It helps wounds heal faster by increasing blood flow and oxygen to the affected area, helping the body to grow new tissue.

Calendula helps prevent dermatitis or skin inflammation in breast cancer patients undergoing radiotherapy.

To get your 10% discount, simply print out the discount voucher on the flyer link above and take it to your local Natural Aid Calendula stockist (see Stockist page in menu above).

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