Tots Chesty Cough Oral Spray
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Homeopathic Cough Medicine for Children

Tots Chesty Cough Relief Oral Spray -30mL

Use for relief of chesty or loose coughs, exhausting coughing fits.

Symptoms may include rattling in chest, inability to cough up mucus,

constant coughing through the night, crying and sleeplessness.

Tots Chesty Cough Relief 

How to Use

3 sprays into child's mouth 3 hourly on the first day of symptoms, thereafter

no more than twice daily until symptoms subside.

*Seek medical attention if symptoms worsen.



Contains homeopathic:

Antimonium Tartaricum 30C, Hepar Sulphuris 30C,

Ipecac 30C, Pulsatilla 30C, Oleum Jecoris Aselli 30C,

Hyoscamus 6C