Tots Teething Relief Oral Spray
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Homeopathic Teething Relief

Tots Teething Relief Oral Spray -30mL

Use for relief of irritable, whining, unsettled or unhappy baby due to

teething issues.

Symptoms may include drooling, causing skin around mouth to be sore and

red, diarrhoea from swallowing excess saliva, biting to relieve painful gums,

refusing to eat or eating very little, gums red, tender and swollen, irritability

and fussiness, rubbing cheeks and/or pulling ears, sleeplessness and

awakening crying.



Tots Teething Relief

How to Use

3 sprays into child's mouth. Repeat in an hour if necessary and no more than

4 times in 24 hours.

Contains homeopathic:

Aconite 6C, Chamomilla 30C, Merc Sol 6C, Calcarea Phosphorica 6X, Silica 6C