Success Stories

I love this CHICKWEED SKIN REPAIR CREAM. It really works and it has given better relief for eczema and itching on my skin than anything else I've tried. Would recommend for anyone with eczema or sensitive skin. KOL RATING 10/10



I've been suffering from terrible eczema for the past few weeks and Natural Aid's Topical CHICKWEED GEL has almost cleared my skin in two weeks. It soothes the itching and helps to calm my eczema on my face. I would recommend it to anyone with sensitive skin. RATING 10/10



My 9 week old baby girl developed eczema on her face. My doctor recommended Cortisone Cream, but my homeopath suggested I try Natural Aid's CHICKWEED SKIN REPAIR CREAM. Within 5 days, my baby's skin was completely clear. I definitely recommend this cream.

Rachel, SA


I don’t know how I would of coped without Victoria’s help during my surgeries; I was having major anxiety attacks leading up to my 12 hour surgery. Not only did she give me Natural Aid’s Anxiety and Stress Relief but also her ongoing advice, counselling and reassurance was amazing! After surgery my hands swelled up from all the drugs that were given to me in hospital- there was nothing the doctors could do to relieve the swelling, but Victoria prescribed me a remedy that helped reduce the swelling and -within 3 days it went down; even the registered nurse was amazed with the result.

After all my surgeries I used Natural Aid’s Calendula and Arnica Cream for the bruising, swelling and incisions. To test out the product I put Calendula cream on my incision on one side of my breast and the other I did not apply the cream. After two weeks the healing process of the breast with Calendula Cream showed amazing results compared to the other breast that had no treatment.

My surgeon was not only amazed but also wanted to meet Victoria to know more about the creams, as he had never seen results like this before! Victoria, thank you so much for all your help and advice. It will never be forgotten.


Bernadette, Bankstown NSW


I used both the calming & teething remedies and they were both fantastic! I had bought the teething gel from the Women’s and Children’s hospital but it didn’t help at all, but when I used either the teething or calming remedies I saw results within 5 minutes The teething remedy worked a charm; it stopped my sons drooling and settled him down really well.When used at night he slept all through the night.

The calming remedy was my favourite. I have a two year old daughter and a 7 year old son; when either was unsettled I would use it and only had to use the one dose and saw its affects within 10 minutes, it’s that good. I would highly recommend these remedies to everyone!

Michelle, Clovelly Park, SA


”I burnt my face with cooking oil several weeks ago and it was a very emotional moment for me as I thought that I would be scarred for life. 19 hours later I rang Victoria and she gave me some Natural Aid BURNS cream and 3 days later when I woke up and looked in the mirror I was amazed as the cream started healing and the burn marks were diminishing. Day 5-6 and my husband looked at me and said that it was almost all GONE.!!!! Day 7 and it was healed. What an unbelievable cream, now we are working with a different cream to help with the scarring and I will keep you updated.

I have burnt myself previously and it has never healed like this. Thank you Natural AId for an amazing experience and I would highly recommend this product.”

Paulene, Glenelg, SA


My 7 year old plays soccer 3 times a week and is always injuring himself, or getting bruised. I have used other Arnica creams before but Natural Aid’s Arnica cream and oral Sport’s Injury spray gives him more effective results and relief. Now other parents have seen the result for themselves, they too have bought the duo.

 Tony, Hackham, SA


Natural Aid’s Calendula Cream has been the best treatment for my son's eczema. I've tried a number of creams in the past and this is the only one that clears it up every time.

My baby girl used to be very difficult to settle at nighttime. Since using Natural Aid’s Tots Calming drops she is much calmer and now goes down without any trouble. In addition, I have been using Natural Aid’s Tots Teething Relief; this I highly recommend - 2 teeth so far and barely any fussing or grizzling!

De – Netley, SA


I don’t know what I would have done without Natural Aid’s ‘Tots’ products for my baby who just wouldn’t settle at night. Tots Calming and Tots Teething have been a godsend for me. I now have several of Natural Aid’s products for my large family. Recently, my 6 year old was injured playing football. Natural Aid’s Sports Injury Oral Spray along with Arnica Bumps and Bruises Cream took care of his injuries in no time at all. 

There’s barely a day goes by that I don’t need either Natural Aid’s Calendula Cream or Arnica Bumps and Bruises Cream – they are an absolute must in my house and my trusty companions whenever we go.

Roisin – Old Reynella, SA


When we lived in Beijing in the late 1990s and early 2000s, I contracted what was essentially a permanent sinus infection that only got worse over time.  I tried heavy sinus irrigations using salt water and Chinese traditional medicine, and was treated with oral antibiotics and even IV antibiotics under the direction of medical doctors in Beijing and Singapore and at the Johns Hopkins Medical Center in the USA.  Nothing could get rid of it – it always came back. 

My ENT doctor at Johns Hopkins finally told me there was nothing he could do, and I would have to learn to live with the condition, which was a terrible prospect for my future life and would likely have meant relocation from China.  Fortunately, my wife met Jenny Mast through work, and Jenny thought she could help me using homeopathic treatments. 

I consulted her, and she provided several stages of homeopathic remedy treatment that over the course of several months basically cured the sinus infection, something no allopathic/western or Chinese medical treatment had succeeded in doing at all.  Jenny’s treatment eliminated my severe and constant sinus headaches, and also enabled me to continue working in China. 

Now retired and at home in the eastern USA, I still use the remedies when I feel a sinus infection or irritation might be starting, which happens very rarely now, and they still work.  I will be forever grateful, and I think of Jenny especially when I use the remedies.  Thank you Jenny Mast!

Richard R, Virginia, USA


It was a lousy cold evening in December 2003. My little daughter, Saskia, was sick and we really disliked (and still dislike) the hospital visits in Beijing, which were quite frustrating and always ending in a big pile of different medicines to take.  I have always been interested in natural ways of healing and homoeopathy.

A friend handed me Jenny Mast's telephone number and I contacted her. I was happy and relieved that she made time in those busy pre-Christmas days, to introduce me to the basics of homoeopathy. I gave the remedies to my daughter - as needed and prescribed- and ...they worked! The relatively fast recovery and improvement amazed and absolutely thrilled us and we have used homoeopathy ever since.

There have been many occasions Jenny Mast has been helping me/us with her in depth knowledge (for example a severe sinusitis, which was cured within a couple of days; loads of flus - including a very severe one my husband had and many other ailments). I have to say, that my husband did not really believe in homoeopathy and ever since that flu is a strong believer. The same goes for my Chinese friend, who had a bad Herpes outbreak on her face and visited Chinese and Western doctors for weeks.

A visit to Jenny and homoeopathy healed her. I LOVE homoeopathy! It has helped all members of my family and also my friends! Jenny was there in some of my most dire moments of need and she was always able to help.  Thank you, Jenny and thank you, homoeopathy!

Katharina, Beijing, China


In 2010, my life became very stressful and my face developed Rosacea, a very fiery and pimply irritation.

For years I tried all sorts of remedies which included diet changes and skin creams, washes etc, with no change.

Seven years later, my stress levels decreased and I found Natural Aid Calendula Cream.

I used it day and night (and still do) as a moisturiser.

Suddenly I realised my skin had become normal again and has been ever since.



South Australia


In my mid-sixties, I was diagnosed with anal cancer at the end of 2015.

My cancer treatment started at the beginning of 2016.

High dose Chemotherapy and 6 weeks of radiotherapy with 20 minute sessions each day.

I was quite debilitated from the radiotherapy treatment and required hospitalisation.

St Andrew’s Radiotherapy department recommended I use Natural Aid’s Calendula All Purpose Cream.

It was my saviour for my chronic skin damage and burns.

I used it routinely and once my treatment stopped, my skin recovered very quickly.

I still use the cream and think it is a wonder cream.



South Australia