New Mums & Females

Expectant, New Mum’s & Ladies Range

Homeopathic remedies for women

Sharing the joy, excitement and pride of a new baby is wonderful, but may also be accompanied by a range of emotions during or following the birth.

Feelings of apprehension, anxiety and exhaustion that the physical, social and emotional adjustments can generate may lead to emotional distress for both parties.

'Baby blues' is very common, but may be alleviated with Natural Aid's oral sprays designed to re-balance your system and assist with your recovery whether you have a natural birth or a C-Section.

The range may assist with the following:

  • Post Birth Recovery
  • Mastitis Relief
  • C-Section Recovery
  • Post Natal Balance
  • PMT Relief
  • Period Pain Relief
  • Bladder Support


NATURAL AID CLINIC also offers a PRE-PREGNANCY ENHANCEMENT PROGRAM available by consultation.